There are different types of poker, but Texas Holdem remains to be one of the most popular. It is considered the easiest to learn, and is widely popular in live casinos or online poker rooms. However, to make the most of this game, you first need to know how to play it. And the how to master it to win consistently. In other worlds it’s important to have tactics developed, so you know when to play and when to fold your hand.

Here are the top tips for playing Texas Holdem:

Dealing Out the Cards

Play Texas Hold'em Poker  A standard 52-card deck is used for a game. There are times that multiple decks are mixed together, but these are often reserved for the big leagues. All players will start with two cards, and the aim is to make a five-card hand. There are five community cards dealt in the middle to help with this. You can opt for a mixture of any of the five cards to make your hand.

There are rounds of betting throughout the game. At the start, players need to put the small and big blind in, and will then bet based on the two cards they have been dealt. There is then a round after the first three community cards, a round after the fourth card and then the final one after the fifth and final card has been placed down. Players can fold at any time.

Choosing the amount you want to bet will depend on your confidence, stack, your hand and your opponents. You always have to meet the bet that has been placed in by a player before you. If you already have that amount in the pot in that round, you can ‘check’.

The blinds are determined by your seating position. Everyone will eventually end up having to put in a blind, whether you want to play that hand or not. The button tells players who is the big and little blind, and moves clockwise around the table.

Fixed vs. No Fixed Betting

There are times when limits are set to betting. This can be great for those who are just starting out or those who like to play the community cards. When there may be a limit, the maximum any player can bet at one time is either the big blind (limit poker) or the current size of the pot (pot limit poker). It prevents players being forced to go all in early on, when they believe they have a good hand. With no limit betting, players can bet anything up to the amount they have in their accounts.

Poker Bonus OffersThere are also free games available. You can either play using “play money” to play tournaments or cash games for these fun money with no risk. However people usually play in a crazy way and these games are not a good way how to gain poker experience. However we recommend these when learning the basic rules.

Another options how to play free poker online and even win some cash are no deposit poker bonuses or also very popular freeroll poker tournaments paying real money. These are excellent for getting started, before make your own deposit, and with some luck you can start your bankroll using the free winnings.

Watch other more experienced players while playing, and don’t be afraid to discuss tactics with others who are skilled in the game. The more you learn early on, the better your strategy can be when it comes to playing for real. Each online poker site has learning section so make sure to study any strategy topics.

Increasing Blind Amounts

How to Play Texas HoldémCheck whether a game you want to play has time intervals where blind amounts are increased. This is widely popular in tournaments, and often takes place as one player leaves the table. It helps to increase the speed of players, as players are forced to add more to the pot to start with. This is something to work your way up to. If you do not have much time in your hands you can play faster paced tournaments (blinds increase faster) also called turbo tournaments. The fastest ones are usually called “super turbo”. In these the more skillful players lose some of their advantage as they are forced to bet all their chips early and cannot wait for opportunity to beat opponents using their skill (by bluffing, semi bluffing etc.).

Texas Holdem is definitely one of the easiest forms of poker to learn. There are lots of free games and free bonuses out there to get you started without any risk and even win something, and then you can look at playing for money. Take your time to develop strategies to increase the chance of winning later.