There is a popular form of betting, where people bet on the next premiership manager to be sacked. It has become extremely popular in recent years. Big teams struggle to get to the top of the premiership, other teems struggle to get out of relegation zone. The blame always falls on the manager, and within days of a game there can be talk of someone going. In the end of the day it’s easier to fire one manager than whole squad of players.

How does this type of betting work? What do you need to look out for if you want to get involved?

How Manager Sacking Betting Works

Manager Mourinho SackedThe process of betting works the same as any other type of football betting. Individuals place a bet, based on the current odds that a bookmaker has set. For some, the bet can last throughout to the end of the season. If the manager is sacked at any time during that period, the bet is paid out. This can lead to the betting providers to lose out on money, so they encourage bettors to set a deadline by having better odds. Therefore it’s not advisable to use free bookmaker bets for this market as those usually need to be used within certain period of time.

As the season continues, the odds can change. In most cases, the odds are slashed, especially as the season gets closer to the end. In some cases, the odds can grow because the team has picked up and is doing much better than expected.

It is important to do your research into the manager and the team. It’s worth looking at whether the team has fired a manager for less in the past, or whether it has a habit of holding on to managers; especially new ones.

Look Around for the Best Odds

Not all bookmakers will slash odds at the same time. They won’t even start with the exact same odds. It’s worth looking around at providers to find the best option for you. Take your time to determine where your money is best spent. Good start is to check odds at all the free bet bookmakers reviewed.

You can also look at the different time frames for your odds. Doing your research will help you determine if you have confidence in a specific team sacking a manager before the end of the season or not.

AnalyzingVan Gaal the Situations in the British Premier League

Stay up to date with the latest in the football season if you want to get involved in manager sacking betting. This will give you the best idea of whether someone is going to go or not.

Mourinho is one of those to watch at the moment. Van Gaal position is also far from secure. Betting odds keep slashing due to his already poor performance, and the negativity surrounding him in the newspapers. If someone makes a club look bad, they are likely to get the boot.

Analysing situation will also help you keep an eye out for any pauses on betting. In recent years, bookmakers have paused the ability to bet because teams have been bucking trends. In 2014, so many teams sacked their players before the New Year that bookmakers were putting their businesses at risk. If you see a team sack a manager early, it could be a sign of other teams following suit and may be a sign to get your bet in now!

Remember that this type of betting is just like any other. You need to do it responsibly, and there is no guarantee in winning. The odds are based on various factors, and bookmakers can halt betting if there are sudden changes in the teams.

Available Replacements

It is also important to consider available replacements. Manchester City would probably already have been sacked Manuel Pellegrini if there was any replacement available. Carlo Ancelotti is available right now but it looks like he just like everybody is waiting for the decision of Pep Guardiola. If he decides to leave Bayern then we can expect chain managerial changes and whoever is able to pick up the news first will get an advantage in this betting market.


Look around for the best odds, and pay attention to recent news. It could mean a sudden slash in odds, because it is so likely that a team is going to get rid of its manager. Manager sacking happens on a seasonal basis at least with Premiership football, and could be something to start betting in.