Live Dealer Casinos

Live Dealer CasinoFor some who play online and mobile casinos, the regular table games experience has so much to offer, but somehow doesn’t come close to the realism, and the added excitement that comes from being sat in a physical casino. At the same time, you need to make sure you can trust any casino you are gaming with, and when you’re playing against software, you have to rely on third party regulators to make sure you’re not getting dealt a dodgy hand. Another way in which you can put yourself at the heart of the action is with live dealer casinos and games, which provide you with a video link to a live dealer, whenever you want to play.

Live dealer games commonly include blackjack, baccarat and, of course, roulette, and players can log in to a table to start their gaming wherever they are – even if they are on the move. Thanks to the added convenience that comes with mobile gaming, it is now possible to make the most of live dealer casinos wherever you roam.

Most notable casino sites offer a number of different games with live dealer modes, and you are usually able to hook up to different live dealer games straight from your gaming app or in browser.

Advantages of Live Dealer Games

Live Casino OnlineLive dealer games are all about synthesizing the casino experience in the most accurate way. In other words, playing a live dealer game is the closest you can come to playing in a live physical casino, without actually leaving your home. This makes for a more tense, exciting and in some respects more social gaming experience, with the possibility for interaction with the dealer and with other players as you spend your time gambling.

Of course, one of the true benefits for those serious about playing the odds in their favour is the lack of a random number element. Because live games aren’t rendered in a randomized, numerical way, but are instead played on the same basis as these games in land casinos, you are effectively guarding against any rigging of odds against your position.

Virtually every major mobile casino now offers live dealer games, and you will be able to find any number of game variants on offer. One thing to note is that it is unusual for live dealer games to be compatible with free bets and bonuses, including deposit bonuses, which are often set out to apply to software games only. Also live dealer games on mobile devices are still rare so make sure to check our reviews and visit the reviewed casinos that offer both options.