Mobile Betting Sites

Mobile Sports bettingThe age of mobile is now firmly upon us. The mobile web now accounts for as much as 60% of all web traffic, and this will only continue to increase as a share of the overall web as more people get smartphones and mobile devices capable of online functionality. Changing, improving technologies are rendering the web increasingly redundant, and people are now looking to find mobile betting sites they can enjoy from their pocket – whether they are at home, at work, or on the move.

From the perspective of the online gambling industry, mobile is set to surpass online in a matter of months. This means more people will be able to gamble from mobile, and more casinos will be focusing their resources on this traffic. Even today, virtually every reputable online bookmarker will have a native mobile site, or go one stage beyond in offering a high quality, well-designed app for both iOS and Android players.

But how do these mobile sites stack up against the online experience we’ve all become accustomed to, and what are the key differences between mobile and web-based betting sites?

Advantages of Mobile

Bet On MobileThe first, and arguably most obvious, benefit of playing on mobile is the fact that you can log in to your account at any time or place – so long as you have your iPhone or Android device to hand, you can get straight down to it. This is much more convenient for many than logging on to the computer, removing much of the friction from the gameplay experience.

In terms of how the games and the wider gambling experience compares, mobile offers broadly the same functionality as full, web accounts, but with a few additional innovations that make for more enjoyable betting.

In-Play Betting and Live Streaming

In-play betting allows you to monitor the progress of events as they happen, so you can place your bets once a sporting event is underway. This means you are able to bet as you watch the match or sporting fixture concerned, which is now possible through live streaming functions at most major reputable mobile casinos. And with mobile betting you can bet right from the stands of football match.

Bet in PlaySome sites also offer live in-play ‘cash outs’, where you can settle an open bet now for a guaranteed return – either positive or negative, depending on the position of your bet relative to the fixtures unfolding. This means you can limit losses on the downside, or take a quick profit to lock in a win if results are going your way.

Mobile betting sites have a lot to offer, and with more and more people choosing to spend their betting time on mobile sites and apps, this will continue to be an area of innovation. The net result – better odds and a better all-round betting experience for those looking to place their bets on mobile.