More and more people want to deposit to play at mobile casinos with ease. Because of that, some UK casinos have looked into the ability for customers to pay through their mobile phone bills. After all, those who are playing on mobile casinos will have a mobile, and there are high chances that they have a monthly contract rather than pay as you go.

Deposit By phone BillThe Benefits of Mobile Billing

There are various ways to pay through the mobile. Some will offer the chance to add the payment directly to their next bill, as if it was a text message or overuse of data. Others will offer the ability to text a payment instead.

There are many benefits to this method of payment. The main one is the convenience. There is no need to input bank, card or other details for the companies to take payments. There’s no need to make sure there is enough money in a PayPal, Skrill or other account.

The use of mobile billing is also safe. Using mobile internet connections for secure payments can lead to security problems. Setting it up to take it directly from your mobile bill saves a lot of hassle. Only the company has access to that information.

Mobile Casinos Offering Mobile Billing

Pay By PhoneThere are various casinos already offering you the chance to benefit from this secure payment option. However very often casinos do not allow you to benefit from deposit bonuses when depositing by phone bill. However players still get all the same loyalty benefits (if available) as those who pay through other methods.

In the right column you can check casinos that offer access to phone bill deposits. They allow minimum deposit amounts from just £1.50. All offer various bonuses including no deposit bonus offers, with bonus for the first deposits which however isn’t usually credited when depositing by phone bill.

Cashing Out With Mobile Payments

If this already sounds interesting to you, there are high chances you want to know how to cash out. This is important. After all, does it go straight onto your phone bill so you can only use it to pay your mobile phone?

Withdraw WinningsThe good news is there are various ways that the casinos allow mobile phone deposit players to cash out. This will differ between the different casinos.

The most popular option is through online payment methods like PayPal. The method is trusted and available to most people around the world. Skrill or Neteller are often the second most popular options for these types of payments.

If that doesn’t suit, there is the option of wire transfers for many UK players. You can get the money straight into your bank account, so you don’t need to worry about transferring again and facing fees.

A third option is to receive a cheque. This is a popular option for those where the wire transfer isn’t available. It means you can put the money directly into your account, but you do need to wait for the money to be sent to you.

Mobile phone billing is definitely a method of deposit on the rise. It is safe and secure, while being convenient for all. If you’re going to play on your mobile device, you might as well deposit straight from it, too. With various cash out options, there’s no need to worry about this method of mobile casino gaming.